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The Simplest Cheapest Weight Loss Hack                 Health N Active

The Simplest Cheapest Weight Loss Hack Health N Active

The Simplest Cheapest Weight Loss Hack

The Simplest Cheapest Weight Loss Hack

Size Have Grown Ridiculously Over the Last 30 Years

There have been numerous studies that have sampled portion sizes from grocery

stores, family restaurants and take-away places, and compared these to

recommended Food and Drug Administration portion sizes, and compared these to

historical portion sizes. These studies have clearly demonstrated that with the

increase in portion sizes of food beginning in the 1970s and rising sharply in

the 1980s, there has been a parallel upsurge in the amount of cases of obesity

diagnosed. One way to combat individually the offered portion sizes is to

Have a Down-size With Mine Thanks

Commercially available portion size plates have become available in both retail

outlets and online stores, and these provide visual aids for the amount of food

such as protein, carbohydrate and vegetable that should be served at each meal.

People who have obesity surgery such as laparascopic gastric banding, or

Roux-N-Y surgery have their stomachs surgically altered to be smaller, so they

are eating smaller portion sizes. They are also advised by their surgeons and

care teams to serve their meals on bread and butter plates, and small bowls,

often child-size bowls, in order to help decrease their portion servings.

By simply swapping your normal sized dinner plate for a smaller dinner plate,

or using a bread and butter plate to serve your meal on, you are automatically

reducing the amount of food you are eating, and thus also reducing your energy

intake. Reducing your energy intake by smaller portion sizes is a simple and

effective way to lose weight. If you are pressured socially to eat larger

portions, invite people to your house to eat, and you can serve your own meals

on a smaller plate. When you go out for coffee and dessert with friends, you

also have the option of sharing dessert with your friend, so that you halve

your kilojoule or calorie intake, without compromising on your lifestyle.

Your Cutlery to Further Lose Weight

Obesity surgeons also recommend their patients to downsize their cutlery to

using toddler cutlery, or using a teaspoon to serve their meals on, so that the

person is taking smaller bites of their food. By taking smaller bites of the

meal, you are effectively taking longer to eat your meal, and not gulping it

down. When you chew your food thoroughly, and take smaller bites, you are

allowing your satiation hormones to kick in, which take around 20 minutes after

you begin your meal, and you will feel fuller much faster than if you wolfed

French people don''t get fat, but yet they have an extremely rich diet. French

culture has been studied in their eating habits, and how they contribute to a

smaller, less obese population size. Whenever French people eat, they sit down

to eat, and use cutlery. They eat slowly, and see eating as a social occasion,

and they eat mindfully, and enjoy their food. By slowing down, sitting down at

a table, and sharing a meal with friends, you can also enjoy your food, and not

have calorie amnesia. Mindfully be aware of your surroundings and the taste of

your food, and you will eat less of it.

These simple habit changes will see the weight fall off your body. By

integrating these simple habits into a general healthy lifestyle that includes

plenty of home-cooked, healthy and freshly prepared ingredients, plenty of

fruit and vegetables, and less processed ingredients, you can effortlessly lose

weight. Better still, add daily gentle exercise such as walking and you can see

the benefits in a healthier you within weeks.

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