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2007  November  Best Health Product Review

2007 November Best Health Product Review

Ortho Evra Birth Control Patch Linked to Serious Side Effects

The Ortho Evra patch was released by Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceuticals in 2002 as an alternative to its Ortho Cyclen line of birth control pills. Ortho Evra contains a similar form of hormonal birth control similar to that of Ortho Cyclen and is highly popular among consumers for its convenience. Unlike daily birth control pills, the Ortho Evra patch just needs to be applied once per week.

However, it became apparent after the release of Ortho Evra that there was a much higher risk of birth control patch side effects than with birth control pills. The estrogen in the Ortho Evra patch passes directly into the bloodstream—rather than through the stomach and liver, as with the pill—so wearers receive up to a 60% higher dose than with birth control pills.

Because estrogen increases blood clotting, this increased hormone dose can cause a host of Ortho Evra side effects, including blood clots, heart attack and stroke. Studies have shown that wearers of the Ortho Evra patch face a risk of death three times higher than those who take birth control pills. Other studies have found that Ortho Evra users have four times the number of strokes and other birth control patch side effects than those taking the pill.

Both the Food and Drug Administration and Health Canada have issued warnings about the birth control patch side effects of Ortho Evra. Many physicians say that because there is little difference in the effectiveness of Ortho Evra and birth control pills, women should switch to the pill or another form of birth control to avoid the risk of Ortho Evra side effects.

So far, at least 23 women have died from using Ortho Evra. Several hundred more have suffered birth control patch injuries. Many of these women have filed Ortho Evra lawsuits against Ortho-McNeil and its parent company, Johnson & Johnson. The women allege that the two companies knew or should have known about the health risks posed by Ortho Evra side effects and that more should have been done to inform women using the patch.

BirthControlPatchSideEffects provides information on the Ortho Evra patch, including info on the Ortho Evra side effects and how an Ortho Evra patch lawyer can help.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Todd_Greenbaum

Early or premature menopause is defined as menopause before the age of 40. Premature ovarian failure, surgery, and chemotherapy may all result in early menopause. About one in a hundred women may experience early menopause; some may be teenagers or in their twenties. Symptoms of early menopause tend to be very similar to those of normal menopause. Changes in the timing and duration of menstrual periods and hot flashes are common.

In some women, early menopause may be due to failure of the ovaries and is called premature ovarian failure. It is thought that such failure is due to hormonal, autoimmune or genetic processes, which result in a depletion in the number of viable eggs in a woman’s ovaries. This depletion may be complete, or, in approximately ten percent of women who have premature ovarian failure, partial. These women have a reduced but possible chance of becoming pregnant. Recent research has shown that female twins may be up to four times more times more likely than other women to undergo spontaneous early menopause. Either or both twins may be affected.

Surgery is another cause of early menopause. When the ovaries are removed or damaged during surgery, there is a rapid reduction in estrogen and progesterone levels and the immediate onset of menopause. Because the hormonal changes are so abrupt, menopausal symptoms tend to be more intense.

Women who undergo chemotherapy for cancer treatment may have premature menopause. Cancer-killing drugs may damage other tissues too, including ovarian tissue. Tamoxifen, a drug prescribed in certain types of breast cancer, has an anti-estrogen effect and can also trigger early menopause. Sometimes, chemotherapy-induced menopause may be temporary.

Early menopause can be extremely distressing, particularly when it occurs in younger women who may not yet have had children or completed their families. Besides treatment of menopause symptoms, some women benefit from counseling to address emotional issues.

Menopause provides detailed information about menopause, early menopause, male menopause, menopause and osteoporosis and more. Menopause is the sister site of Chronic Insomnia.

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It is estimated that about 20% of adults smoke and out of that 20%, 70% want to quit smoking. There is a large market for quit smoking products, but what really works? What product will work for you? When looking at methods to quit smoking it is important to ask yourself the question, “Is it too good to be true?” If it is then it may be a scam. Use caution when looking at methods to quit smoking.

Common quit smoking methods include, laser therapy, hypnotism, acupuncture, nicotine replacement products, prescription drugs, programs, and ebooks. Oh yah, don’t forget about quitting smoking “cold turkey.” Out of all these different quit smoking methods, which one will work for you? When determining which method may work best for you consider the following:

Do you believe in it? Lets take for example hypnotism. If you believe hypnotism is a bunch of hooey then this may not be the method you wish to choose to quit smoking.

What does it cost? Just think how much money you would save each week if you were to quit smoking. The money you could save by not smoking could be significant but that may not mean you have the financial means to go with any quit smoking method. For example; laser therapy can be costly and multiple treatments may be required.

Is it a good fit for me? When considering methods to quit smoking it is important to evaluate the ones that fit your life style. What do you think will work for you? If you know nothing about acupuncture you may either want to learn about it or choose a different method to quit smoking. No matter which method you choose it is a good idea to learn about that method. Get any questions you have about side effects or concerns answered.

What has worked for me in the past? Maybe you have quit before only to start up months or years later for what ever reason. If it worked for you in the past it could very well work for you again.

Is it a complete and comprehensive plan that will teach me how to quit smoking? To be honest you can’t just pop a pill and quit smoking. No matter which method you choose there will be some work involved. Choose a quit smoking method that provides you will a plan on how to quit smoking.

Making the decision to quit smoking is the beginning to living a smoke-free life. Quitting smoking “cold turkey” is not the only way to quit smoking. There are many different quit smoking methods that have proven to be effective for people whom have quit smoking. To be successful in your efforts to quit smoking find the method that you think would suit you best and do your homework. If you don’t succeed at first, don’t give up. Studies have shown that it may take several tries to quit smoking, but don’t use that as an excuse to smoke.

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Enlarged Prostate Gland - Should I Be Worried?

If youre a man in your sixties or seventies then theres a better than even chance that you will be suffering from an enlarged prostate gland and will be experiencing a range of common symptoms including a difficulty in urinating, a need to urinate frequently and with some urgency and a dribbling of urine even after youve visited the bathroom. But should you be worried by your enlarged prostate gland?

An enlarged prostate gland is an extremely common condition that will affect most men later in life and is caused by cell growth within the inner core of the prostate at the point at which it encircles the urethra. This causes a constriction on the urethra and interferes with the normal flow of urine.

This cell growth is normally very slow, is benign (non-cancerous) and is confined to the inner area of the prostate. As a result, an enlarged prostate gland in itself is really nothing to worry about and many men will find that the symptoms caused by the enlarged prostate are sufficiently minor that they really dont bother them too much at all.

Except in cases of severe enlargement, an enlarged prostate gland is nothing to worry about. However, the symptoms which are typical of an enlarged prostate gland, and which are often attributed to a swollen prostate, may also indicate the presence of other or additional problems, some of which you should certainly be worried about.

Unfortunately, because most men will suffer from an enlarged prostate, particularly in their sixties and seventies, many men dont worry when the symptoms appear and certainly wouldnt dream of bothering their doctor with the problem. This is a mistake.

Yes, an enlarged prostate gland is generally speaking nothing to worry about but, when the symptoms start to appear you should talk to your doctor and make sure that an enlarged prostate gland is indeed the cause of your symptoms.

For further information on the enlarged prostate gland please visit Prostate Cancer Explained

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Acne is a type of skin lesion infected by a bacterium called P.Acnes. The lesion is formed due to blockage of sebum follicle thereby trapping sebum. Acne affects almost everybody. It affects most during adolescence. However for many it continues into late adult hood. However, after 20s acne is reduced considerably for most. Acne that appears during adulthood is generally termed as adult acne. However this acne is not very much different from the acne in adolescence. It generally affects the chest and back. Treatment for adult acne is no different from the usual treatment for acne. The treatments available are:

Anti bacterial acne dermatology treatment: In this treatment antibacterials like benzoyl peroxide, triclosan and chlorhexidine gluconate are used to kill the bacteria. Benzoyl peroxide is considered the best over the counter acne product.

Skin defoliant acne dermatology treatment: In this treatment skin defoliants like salicylic acid and glycolic acid are used to open up the pores.

Antibiotic acne dermatology treatment: In this treatment antibiotics like clindamycin, erythromycin, and tetracycline are applied on the affected area or taken orally to kill the bacteria.

Retinoidal acne dermatology treatment: In this treatment retinoids like tretinoin, adapaline, retinol and isotretinoin are used to regulate the follicle life cycle.

Hormonal acne dermatology treatment: In this treatment hormones like cyproterone, drospirenone and cortisone are used to control the sebum production.

Acne light treatment: The latest acne treatment is phototherapy or acne light treatment in which the affected area is irradiated with light of a particular wavelength. The light kills the bacteria by producing free radicals in the bacteria. It has been found to be quite effective.

Self medication can be dangerous. Consult your doctor before using any medicine listed above. The acne medicines are given generally in combination with dietary supplements like Acuzine. They work by providing vital ingredients required by the skin to recover. Acuzine consists of ingredients like anti-oxidants, vitamins E & C, hydrolyzed collagen, ALA, DMAE, Aloe vera, Bioperine etc useful for rebuilding the skin.

We have made a research to find the best acne treatments. Find the results only on the acne dermatology treatment center. More valuable acne info on the best treatment for adult acne

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Oliver_Turner

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Weight Loss Pills Information Can Help In Weight Loss

The information about weight loss pills can help in reducing weight. For an obese patient it is necessary to know about diet pills and how it work for weight loss. Now a day everyone wants to get necessary information about each and everything he or she is using. By collecting more information about something is a good because that enables you to get maximum benefits from the thing you are using.

In case of diet pills every patients should have information about weight loss pills before taking it. Having necessary information about appetite suppressant weight loss pills can help you in reducing weight. There are various aspects behind information abut weight loss pills like information about suitability of weight loss pills, its working, availability and efficacy of weight loss pills drug. Necessary information on weight loss pills can keep you away from any prospective side effect of the drug as it can tell you about the precautions which should be taken while using weight loss pills.

weight loss pills work like an appetite suppressant. The main task of weight loss pills is blocking CB-1 receptors which can be found on the surface of the cells throughout the body including fat cells. An obese patient after taking weight loss pills feels fullness and hence eats less food as compared to their normal diet. The other main task of weight loss pills is that it can also helpful in quit smoking because it also works as smoking cessation drug. Lowering of appetite provide an opportunity to the metabolic system of an obese patient to burn accumulation of extra fat. This process can help an obese patient to regain a perfect shape of the body.

Generally a person with body mass index 27 or greater than 27 belongs to obese category. Doctors always suggest weight loss pills diet pills for an obese patient whose body mass index is 27 or more. weight loss pills is high efficacy diet suppressant which generally suits to the adults above the age of 18 years. Weight loss experts always suggest exercise and increasing of physical activities simultaneously with weight loss pills for a serious overweight patient.

weight loss pills diet drug is successful in UK and Europe after giving good results and save thousands of obese patient’s life. The popularity of weight loss pills weight loss drug is increasing day by day and weight loss pills Manufacturer Company trying to approve in USA.

You should read all precautions and side effects of weight loss pills before starting the diet pill course. You may take one dosage of weight loss pills in morning before breakfast in a day. If you not feel better after starting weight loss pills course than you must stop taking diet pills and consult with your doctor immediately.

Chris Harris is a physician by profession but he is also writing articles on Weight loss drugs for a long time. To know more about weight loss, weight loss drug, weight loss information visit http://www.freewebs.com/acomplia

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There are many options for birth control and you are not limited to one form. Methods of birth control have been created to stop the fertilized eggs from getting to the women’s uterus. Birth control also prevents the man’s sperm from getting to the egg. There are a variety of ways someone can describe birth control such as pregnancy prevention, contraception, fertility control, and family planning. Sexually active people can use a variety of birth control methods to prevent pregnancy. There is still no protection from sexually transmitted diseases and that should never be overlooked or ignored.

Forms of birth control include IUD birth control, sponges, the pill, ring, and IUD patch. Many women wonder how effective birth control really is. It is effective in preventing pregnancy, but if women forget to take their pill or insert their ring, they might fall pregnant. If you are trying to prevent pregnancy then make sure you remember to take your pill everyday. If you have a hard time remembering, try using a little alarm clock for every time you have to take your pill.

Emergency birth control is an option immediately after you have had sexual intercourse. It can prevent anything from growing in the uterus and puts an immediate halt to conception. Asking your doctor or a walk in clinical doctor is not as scary as you would think. Doctors are used to people coming in for the emergency birth control pill and will be there to assist you.

It is best to look at your lifestyle, goals and health when considering a method of birth control. Ask yourself these questions and think about the different methods available.

*How do you feel about inserting birth control devices into your body?

*How effective is your chosen method for pregnancy?

*Do you plan on having children someday?

*How much will you commit to using birth control?

*Will you remember to use this birth control?

*Do you have a health practitioner to speak with about birth control?

*Do you drink over the limit?

*Do you have a steady, reliable partner?

It is always smart to take these questions into consideration before taking or using birth control. Birth control should be taken seriously and certain methods can have side effects. The pill has side effects and it is usually taken by healthy women. Talk to or your doctor if you have any concerns or questions.

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