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Vote on May 2nd, 2011  Archive  Elections 2011

Vote on May 2nd, 2011 Archive Elections 2011

Welcome! Were ecstatic that MAC Youth embarked on this website! What is this website about? Well, it attempts to (1) encourage our Muslim youth to vote and (2) to provide some guidance regarding the upcoming elections of May 2011. Youll find a lot of selected posts related to different topics, as well as a [...]

A Message from the President of MAC Assalamu Alaikum / Peace Be with You,

Elections are the lifeblood of democracies. History and current events both tell us that the ability to choose one''s government is a privilege that, once lost, is never easily regained. While that prospect - losing the right to choose our government - may seem remote in a country like ours, there remains only one way of earning the right to keep that privilege and that is to participate.

Voting within the Muslim community is reportedly traditionally confined to a small minority. Some analysts estimate that only 10-20% of Muslims vote in Federal elections. We need to change this.

So, on May 2nd, please ensure not only that you and your family are out and voting but also that your friends and neighbours also do so.

Wael M R Haddara, MD FRCPC

Elections 2011 Leaders Debate Watch it online on CBC.ca:

Facebook Event: Youth Vote on Election Day A Facebook event for the upcoming elections. Share with everyone you know!

CBC''s vote compass is a survey to help voters determine which party reflects there views:

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