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Ultrasound Introduced

Ultrasound Introduced

Ultrasound is an amazing non-invasive medical procedure that makes it possible for doctors to find a vast variety of health conditions that might have gone undetected without it. One of the most popular uses of ultrasound is to keep watch on the health and growth an expected baby. A prenatal ultrasound can show the sex of the baby, tell you how far along you are in the pregnancy as well as find any health concerns that might be able to be fixed if detected early enough.

Unlike an x-ray, ultrasound imaging is live and doesn''t use ionizing radiation so it is much safer; but it doesn''t image bone, just organs and tissues. There are now even more advanced technologies available in ultrasound including 3D and 4D imaging. When you get a 4D ultrasound for a pregnancy you can actually see what your baby looks like while it''s still inside of your stomach!

There are many organs that can be examined by using ultrasound imaging (sonography) that can assist in finding health conditions. These include kidney, heart and blood vessel including abdominal aorta and branches, liver, gallbladder, spleen, pancreas, bladder, uterus, ovaries, eyes, thyroid glands, breasts, and scrotum. There are many other organs and body parts that can be examined as well.

By being able to examine these organs and body parts medical treatment for serious and mild medical conditions have become much easier. Ultrasound makes it easy to find health conditions earlier including cancers, pregnancy, appendicitis, bladder or kidney issues, and much more.

Another amazing feature that an ultrasound imaging offers is the ability to measure blood flow to your major organs. This can help to detect blood clots, narrowing of blood vessels and tumors. This is called Doppler Ultrasound. There are three different types including Color Doppler; used to measure the speed and the direction of blood flow in a vessel; Power Doppler; a more sensitive newer advancement of Color Doppler, and Spectral Doppler; uses graphs to showing the measurements of blood flow.

Ultrasound is a painless procedure that uses a lubricant and a transducer; which is a hand- held device that looks kind of like a microphone that is attached to the computer scanner system. Results are immediately displayed live on the screen and are recorded and given to the medical doctor for review and diagnosis.

The one great thing about ultrasound technology is that for a standard diagnostic test, there aren''t any harmful side effects on the patient. The cost varies but is normally covered by your insurance if a doctor recommends it. When you are pregnant it is likely that you will only qualify for 2-3 ultrasounds covered by your insurance unless there are suspicions of health issues for the fetus.

Ultrasound isn''t just used in the medical field, but it is also used in fishing. Ships use ultrasound to help find fish, and also to locate obstructions in under the water that aren''t visible to the human eye. Bats use sonar which is much the same as ultrasound to "see" in the dark! By being able to detect illnesses and medical conditions easier through ultrasound it''s much easier for people to cure and recover from illnesses today. Early detection is the best way to cure most common diseases and conditions and ultrasound technology does just that!

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